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356 Speedster GT

The well-known Bill Stephens came to us and asked us to restore his Porsche 356 Speedster GT. We received the car as a bare shell, which was immediately media blasted.

Norfolk Premier Coachworks fabricated:

Complete rear end
Inner rear bulkhead
Inner front deck panel
Inner sills and heater tubes
Front A posts (2)
Complete new aluminum doors
Centre tunnel
Restored front and rear wings

Norfolk Premier Coachworks Fitted:

Inner front panels
New front nose
New floor pans
New inner torsion bar strengthening panels
Outer sills

Lead loaded all gaps
Prepped body for poly primer
4 coats of poly primer
Blacked and dry fitted
Glasuit surface primed
Finished in 3 coats of Ruby Red and Cream flash to client’s specification

Project completion time of 1450 hours

This amazing car was Class winner at 2012 Classic le Mans
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