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Genuine Porsche ST

Having been fortunate enough to work on a few original STs, Norfolk Premier Coachworks were entrusted to undertake a full restoration of this incredible car. The subject of an unfortunate 'restoration' by another 'reputable' so called specialist company, we were asked to re-do their work - this time, doing it properly. The car was media blasted to give us insight into what we faced.

Norfolk Premier Coachworks fabricated:

New tunnel
New inner and outer sills
A Posts
Jacking points
Torsion bar repair panels
Inner front support panels
Front panel
Rear parcel shelf and pouter sections
Repair front and rear bumper sections
Inner front support panels

Norfolk Premier Coachworks fitted:

Rear outer wings
New ST arches
N/S door skin

Project completion time of 300 hours to date, with many more to come.
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