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'58 Carrera Quad cam

    When we first saw this 1958 RHD Carrera GS Quad cam we knew we were about to start something very special indeed. Most early Porsche fans know how rare this car is and the lucky owner knew that there was only one specialist to trust to work on this very rare car - Norfolk Premier Coachworks.

    As always, we carefully started by media blasting the shell.

    Norfolk Premier Coachworks then set about fabricating the following, obsolete parts:

    Complete inner rear end
    Chassis rails to rear torsion bar
    Rear screen panel
    Complete front A posts
    Front inner deck panel
    Inner sills and membranes
    Centre tunnel
    Inner door frame sections
    Inner roof and outer roof lower side sections
    New outer door skins
    Front lower bulkhead

    Norfolk Premier Coachworks fitted:

    Outer front nose
    Front wings
    Quarter panels
    New floors
    Front inner panels
    Jacking points

    All fitted to Porsche factory tolerances

    Project time recorded of 725 hours to date, with an estimated 1100 hours to finish. It will be worth every single minute of it! Watch this space...
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