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'69 LWB 912

    The shell was media blasted and found to be completely rotten apart from the inner longs, rear chassis, rear torsion tubes and roof.

    Body has been completly rebuilt from scratch

    Norfolk Premier Coachworks fabricated:

    Complete n/s inner wing
    Torsion tube sections
    Inner rear lower bulkhead
    Restored front deck panel with dash
    Restored original tunnel
    Both front inner wings
    Restored screen surround
    Inner sill membranes
    Jacking points
    Outer sills
    A Posts
    Inner tank rails
    Front panel
    Inner rails

    Norfolk Premier Coachworks fitted Posrche supplied parts:

    New complete floors
    New quarter panels
    New wings
    Complete new bumpers
    Modified new long bonnet
    Fitted new door skin

    Project time recorded of 600 hours to date, with an estimated 400 hours to finish
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